Apple revealed its iPhone 11 series last month. CEO Tim Cook called it’s his most mighty and most advanced smartphones ever. On Wednesday, Apple is expected to offer an early hint about just how much demand there really is for these new devices.

Apple (AAPL) is scheduled to report its quarterly earnings results after the bell on Wednesday. The report will detail sales for the three months ending September 30, ten days after the newest iPhones hit shelves.

While that’s a limited window of time to judge by, analysts and investors will pay close attention to any commentary on the call about initial demand for the new models. Dan Ives, an analyst who tracks Apple for Wedbush, wrote in an investor note this week that all eyes will also be on Apple’s sales forecast for the all-important holiday quarter when the company usually sells its largest number of iPhones.

To make matters more complicated: iPhone sales could be hampered if a 15% tariff on many consumer tech products is imposed in December, as the Trump administration has suggested it may do after previously delaying the tariff.

The iPhone remains Apple’s single biggest source of revenue. The success of the iPhone helped propel Apple to become the world’s most valuable company. But in recent quarters, Apple’s overall business has been dragged down by slumping iPhone sales.

The new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max also have a similar look and feel to prior models. But the Pro models have a better camera system and the baseline iPhone 11 has a more attractive starting price of $699 than the previous year’s entry-level model.

Apple has unintentionally shown further improvements for its new iPhone’s biggest asset and they may be needed. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max also has great battery life.

iPhone 11 demand

Apple has unintentionally left code and images in its newly issued iOS 13.2 update confirming new battery cases for the entire iPhone 11 range. This builds upon a previous error by the company after it hid the code names of these cases in iOS 13.1.

While each case is slightly different to fit the three sizes of iPhone 11, One of the changes is the square-camera cutout for the range’s new cameras. 

Apple decreased the starting price of the iPhone 11 by 50 dollars, which some analysts say is boosting the demand.

The iPhone 11 offers amazing cameras, more lasting design and amazing battery life for an affordable price, making it the iPhone to definitely.

A little review

Another ultra-wide camera gives you all the more shooting adaptability and the application gives you see in the event that you need to fly into that mode. Apple’s A13 Bionic processor makes the iPhone 11 the quickest telephone you can purchase. The 6.1-inch LCD screen is bright and colorful, though the OLED displays on the iPhone 11 Pro models are brighter. Improved water resistance and tougher glass front and black make the iPhone 11 durable. You can pick from six fun color options, including green, purple and yellow. We saw over 11 hours of battery life on our web surfing test, which is well above average for smartphones. Fast charging costs extra for the iPhone 11, which is a bummer.

The iPhone 11 is now on sale and starts at $699 for 64GB of storage, or $29.12 per month. That’s $50 less than what Apple charged last year for the iPhone XR.

If you trade in your existing Apple in good condition you can buy the iPhone 11 for as low as $399. I would have liked to see 128GB of storage to start but you can get that amount for $749, or 256GB of storage for $849. You can already preorder the Apple 11.

Thee iPhone 11’s design is a mix of familiar and fresh. The front and sides are pretty much samesies with the iPhone XR, complete with the notch at the top, aluminum band, and somewhat chunky bezels.

iPhone 11 has the oversized dual cameras on the back, housed in a matte glass square. The lenses kind of reminds me of robot eyes. The remainder of the glass has a lustrous completion, so this camera fix gives an intriguing piece of difference. The Apple 11 Pro is so good with all matte glass on the back.


The new colors for the Apple 11, which have a more restrained vibe than the Technicolor rainbow that made up the iPhone XR lineup are awesome. The more muted hues include mint green, a pale yellow and a light lavender purple. You can also pick from the back, white and Product Red.

The greatest plan change on the Apple 11 is the thing that you don’t see. Apple asserts that this telephone has the hardest glass front and back of any cell phone, on account of a double particle trade process. Some iPhone 11 owners have complained about easily scratched displays, although we have not noticed any scratches on our review unit. Still, you may want to invest in an Apple 11 screen protector or iPhone 11 case.

This device also has IP68-rated water resistance, which means that it can withstand 2 meters of water for 30 minutes. The iPhone XR could do only 1 meter. The Apple 11 Pro ups that to 4 meters, but that’s hardly a reason to spend the extra dough.


The iPhone 11 is similar to the Apple XR in size and weight. This puts the phone in between the 5.8-inch Apple 11 Pro and the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max, which I find to be a happy medium in terms of immersive viewing and being able to use the phone with one hand.

Difference between the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro?

Screen Size: The Apple 11 Pro has a 5.8″ screen, and the Apple 11 Pro Max has a 6.5″ display. In view of resolution, pixel density, and brightness, both devices have identical specs. So here, it’s only really about how big you like your screen. And how large your hands are, I guess.

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The weight: A  phone with a bigger screen and therefore a bigger body, the Apple 11 Pro Max also weighs more. The standard Apple 11 Pro checks in at 188g, while the Max rendition weighs in at 226g. Both truly overwhelming for phones, yet they do feel profound in an exceptionally premium, pleasurable way.

Battery life: With the Apple 11 Pro Max being bigger, Apple had more space to shove a larger battery in there. And it’s pretty fantastic. The Apple 11 Pro Max can deliver almost 12 hours of continual use, compared to around ten and a half hours for the normal Pro. In terms of how long that’ll last you in the real world, it gets close to two full days, compared to about a day and a half for the Apple 11 Pro.

Pricing: The phones have all different prices. The Apple 11 Pro starts at $999. and the Apple 11 Pro Max base model begins at $1,099.

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