The latest game of COD (Call of Duty) Modern Welfare was released in October and has earned enthusiastic reviews, setting its position as the world’s most popular first-person shooter game.

The engine allows the most realistic surroundings ever seen and Modern Warfare brings the largest technical jump in Call of Duty history.

call of duty modern warfare is just what the authorization needed, without any magical innovative tools, a Battleground like Ground War mode complete with dedicated servers, and a refreshed graphics engine make this the best COD in years.

call of duty mobile takes us back to the very best first-person shooter familiarities that I can remember from years that have passed. There is a lot of game here too, something for everyone. If you like a good storyline, Modern Warfare has it. If you want a Battle Royale, it has that as well. Many games try to give everything to anyone but they fail, Modern Warfare though, almost succeeds completely.

The first-person shooter is set in a made-up Middle Eastern country and also across Europe. The main narrative forces players to navigate the ambiguous moral choices of war, while a multiplayer mode pits teams against each other as they try to get the most kills while surviving for as long as possible.

Whereas popular shooting games like overwatch and fortnite contain fantasy elements, Call of Duty promises to give the gamers a more realistic environment.

The new game will sell millions of units and be a mainstay hit for Activision Blizzard (ATVI). It’s the fourth entry in the Modern Warfare lineup.

According to an analyst, call of duty on mobile is one of the bestselling games in the United States for 10 years in a row.

call of duty Modern Welfare and one of the biggest gaming controversies

The first game with call of duty games title was released in 2007 and COD Modern Welfare is a remake of that game. There’s a nostalgia factor for gamers of a certain age unit whose influential experiences in gaming were playing titles like ‘Call of Duty.’

But the release of the game comes among one of the biggest gaming controversies in near times concerning its producer Activision Blizzard.

Call of Duty is one of Activision’s biggest permits and one of the most known in modern gaming.

Blizzard banned and prohibited a Hong Kong player “blitzchung” named Wai Chung, from a contest after he yelled a Hong Kong slogan.

During the release of the latest game in the series call of duty black ops 3: Modern Warfare, a remake of the immensely famous 2007 game of the same name. While Activision Blizzard, the parental company of the game’s publisher is being seriously criticized because of how they treated the expert Hearthstone player Blitzchung and took his winnings from him and suspended him from play for 1 year when he spoke out in support of Hong Kong during a post-match interview. Gamers don’t usually cross the political divide but when they do it’s usually for some very personal reasons. So, Hong Kong Hearthstone player Chung blitzchung decision to support his fellow countrymen has cost him his competition prizes and a yearlong ban from the game.

And the reason is that After defeating South Korean player Ng “DawN” Hyun Jae Jang in a match on Oct. 8, Wai took a moment in a post-match winning interview to protect the ongoing Hong Kong protests: which was

call of duty : Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our age

This ban has not only affected Wai but also two more Taiwanese broadcasters who were broadcasting the match at that time.

The broadcasters knew what is going to come now, but hiding under the desk did little to influence Blizzard’s rage as Wai continued to get his message across.

Activision Blizzard has also excluded three players who are students of American University for six months from the game after they showed a ‘Free Hong Kong, boycott Blizz’ sign during their contest match and now they would not be able to compete in Blizzard events.

These three were acting in unity with Hong Kong player, Wai Chung. The company was criticized for banning this gamer and called for boycotts.

These college students named Casey Chambers, Corwin Dark and Torin Wright and all 19 years old, with majors of international studies arranged a sign in response to Wai’s ban and showed it on a live stream of their college game on October 8.

Blizzard showed that it banned the 3 college students once they “meaningfully broke” the policies. In an assertion, the employer said: “We strongly inspire everybody in our network to percentage their viewpoints within the many places available to express themselves. However, our professional broadcast desires to be about the sport and the competition, and to be an area wherein all are welcome.”

At first, it didn’t immediately seem Blizzard could ban the 3 students.

call of duty 2019 On October 10, the three players were allotted to compete in their next match, but they lost because they felt it was insincere for Blizzard to punish Blitzchung’s human rights statement but not our clearly anti-Blizzard protest. Blizzard did not remark about why it took more time to ban the students than it did to ban Wai the Hong Kong player.

By replying in this way, Blizzard is actually telling other streamers to do the same said Joost van Dreunen, co-founder of SuperData which is a Nielsen company that analyzes the video game industry.

After a huge amount of backlash for their treatment of Blitzchung Blizzard did eventually back off and returned the player’s winnings but many fans are still calling for a boycott of all Blizzard titles.  Whereas call of duty ghosts: Modern Warfare tolerates the Activision name instead of the Blizzard name it was still not clear if this would affect the sales of the game.

Now there is a question ‘Was this video game boycott effective?’. The matter is that boycotts have confirmed to be unsuccessful in the past. Already released games such as Left 4 Dead 2 have had boycott movements bought against them, but their sales were largely unaffected.

The people who were in the Boycott Modern Warfare 2 group and still could not resist the game and still played shows how ineffective these boycotts are.

An analyst said that the calls for boycotts unlikely make a dent in “call of duty infinite warfare” sales.

“My guess is that fewer than 5% of Blizzard players know what’s going on in Hong Kong, and maybe 20% of them have enough political conscience to do anything about it,” said Pachter. He estimated that a boycott could conceivably cost Blizzard about $25 million a year, which would be “a rounding error” for the company.

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Jefferies analyst Alex Giaimo said he hasn’t seen evidence that a boycott could bleed into “Call of Duty,” either. In any case, he expects it would be isolated to Blizzard games, and even his most aggressive assumption calls for a 10% loss for Blizzard in Q4, or about $54 million, which translates to less than 1% of the game’s expected sales in 2019.

Lastly, almost all of the multiplayer gameplay felt compelling, with just the right balance for all the types of game styles players have these days. If you are someone, who likes to run and gun with an MP5, that’s ok. If you want to hunker down in the bushes and take people out from a distance, that’s ok too. The balance is there, so no one feels like they have an advantage and everyone is compelled to play this game.

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