About Us

In 2019, founders “Usman” was trying to find a tech event to showcase their new startup. When He couldn’t find one that checked all the boxes they set to host their own. As they were organizing things, and that’s however latesttechnologyinfo.com was launched. It later became a web blog and also the result’s what you’re looking for right now.

We cover tech for the way you live: not simply gadgets, however the powers they unlock in your life, the story of the those that created them, and also the approach they’re reshaping the world outside your window. The latest tech info filters the torrent of devices and innovation that surrounds us through a human lens that elevates experience above specs, hype, and marketing. The rapid pace of change creates a conversation that’s always engaging, entertaining, and challenging. You don’t have time to become an expert. But we’ll help you feel like one.